About us

We specialize in commodities for the food processing and food service sectors. Baybridge Commodities provides its customers with a vast experience in global procurement, having developed solid relationships in the industries its participates pair with a clear understanding of the needs of the processor in the world market. We are buyers and seller of these goods and are experienced in every dimension of international trade. We keep a well-informed team of professionals on all aspects of global and market-specific economies ready to react to the constant changes in supply and demand, which is key to success in the food commodity markets.

Business Philosophy

To earn long-term business relations one transaction at a time. We aim to build our business based on being cost competitive, operating with a common-sense business thinking and integrity. We continually strive to improve our supplier’s competitive positioning through our expertise in international trade and an aggressive pursuit of new or deeper market access. For our customers, we aim to supply assurance that their supply is based on product sourcing intelligence and that their quality needs are met at the most competitive price at any given time.

Our Business

BBC is a multilingual team headquartered in Ontario Canada with a field presence in selected markets. BBC has the purpose of finding the most competitive and comprehensive solution to both producing plants and ingredients processors looking to meet each other’s demands. BBC adds value to sellers and buyers by delivering cost-effective solutions to the global food supply chain. We provide all stages of the delivery execution including market intelligence, quality assurance, logistical services, documentation, financing and risk management.

Value proposition to supplier and customers

BBC seeks strategic and long-term partnership with large and evolving players in the industry. Years of experience in the market and alliances with the strongest government and private companies provide a uniquely strong integrated solution for companies trying to place their products in a specific market as well as for processor looking for safe and sound supply from manufacturers. Our capabilities to import, storage and deliver product to selected markets provide, along with our financial capabilities assurance that agro-food commodities will find an integral and risk managed channel to market.

Our Services

BBC full commodity management touches all aspect of the global supply chain. Including sourcing at the origin, transportation and logistics, quality control and laboratory testing, packing in standard or custom presentations, private label, product and company registrations, customs clearance and delivery to final destination.