The Vindication of Cheese, Butter, and Full-Fat Milk

A new study exonerates dairy fats as a cause of early death, even as low-fat products continue to be misperceived as healthier. As a young child I missed a question on a psychological test: “What comes in a bottle?” The answer was supposed to be milk. I said beer. Milk almost always came in cartons … Read more

News Canada’s dairy farmers are poised to dump milk as coronavirus worsens

Dairy farmers in Ontario expect to dump millions of litres of milk due to coronavirus. According to reporting from the BBC, Dairy Farmers of Ontario, a key industry group, has told farmers to discard raw milk to keep prices steady and prevent oversupply. Demand for milk has stalled as restaurants and other bulk-buyers of dairy … Read more

Concerns over Chinese virus spread continues influencing global dairy prices

Today’s GDT event’s (February 18) outcome did not come as a surprise to the dairy market watchers, as virtually all commodities were weighed down by the ongoing implications caused by the effects of a new strain of coronavirus ravaging through biggest global importer China Source IEG Vu Agribusiness

Nutrition of different kinds of milk

Cow’s milk comes in several different fat percentages, including skim, 1%, 2%, and whole. All provide approximately 12–15 grams of carbs and 8 grams of protein in 1 cup (240 ml). However, the amount of fat and number of calories vary by type (1Trusted Source, 2Trusted Source). Here’s a list of different milk varieties and … Read more

Fonterra Announces Plans to Streamline Dairy Operations in Chile

CHILE – Fonterra has purchased the minority interest in Prolesur, held by Fundación Isabel Aninat (the Fundación), as the Co-op looks to streamline its operations in Chile. The Fundación has sold its 13.6 percent shareholding for NZ $29.3 million, which takes Fonterra’s ownership of Prolesur from 86.2 percent to 99.9 percent. Prolesur is a milk … Read more

Troubles for Fonterra

SUPPLIED Jobs are on the line at Fonterra’s corporate centre in Melbourne. Fonterra was once lauded as the golden child of New Zealand’s primary industries. Source Otago Daily Times Created in 2001 from a merger of two major dairy co-operatives, Kiwi Co-operative Dairies and the New Zealand Dairy Group, with the New Zealand Dairy Board, … Read more

China’s shutout of Canadian meat scrambles global pork flow

WINNIPEG, Manitoba – China’s decision to block imports of Canadian meat has set off a global chain reaction in pork trading but it will do little to curb overall demand as a disease ravaging the Chinese hog herd elevates prices, industry experts say. China said on Tuesday it wants the Canadian government to temporarily stop … Read more

First genetically modified salmon to hit Canadian stores

HALIFAX – Genetically modified salmon raised in Prince Edward Island are poised for the leap to grocery shelves, a Canadian first that has left traditional producers concerned about setting their farmed fish apart. Environment Canada recently gave notice it has approved U.S.-based AquaBounty to grow the salmon at its site about 74 kilometres east of … Read more

France 2019 Food guidance: Nuts, legumes and wholegrains.

Unsalted nuts, pulses and wholegrains have been added to France’s dietary guidance, which in 2019 also promotes environmental sustainability and consideration of the Nutri-Score label system. Referece: FoodNavigator

International Food Commodity Prices Hold Steady in December

The FAO Food Price Index averaged 161.7 points in December, compared to a revised level of 161.6 points in the previous month. Global food prices held broadly stable in December, with rising international cereal prices offsetting declining sugar and dairy quotations, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) said today. FAO reports … Read more